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Flexirent is the modern way to finance a computer for your home, home office or business.

Flexirent is now able to offer you the ability to "rent" or "lease" computer equipment.

Leasing is good business - especially for businesses wanting to preserve their cash and for home users, who want to maintain the latest level of PC technology.



How does Flexirent work?

  1. Choose the equipment that you want from Supertech Computers.
  2. Supertech Computers will call Flexirent and arrange your application over the phone. (normally takes between 5 - 10 minutes).
  3. Once approved, read and sign the application form.
  4. Flexirent will buy the equipment from Supertech Computers and will rent it to you for a period of 2 to 4 years. (all our prices are for a 3 year lease).
  5. You pay Flexirent the monthly rental fee and at the end of your lease term simply return the equipment to Flexirent.

Flexirent End of Term Options

 Option 1




Option 2



 Option 3




[1] “Equipment Loaner”- Sent within 24 hours if the Flexirented equipment has to go in for repairs. Now, if the equipment has to be repaired at any time during the agreement, simply report it and they will have a loan equipment couriered to you within 24 hours. No longer will you suffer any downtime while the equipment is being repaired.


[2] “Flexirent Protection” - Built in cover against Loss, Accidental Damage or Theft… even redundancy! Now, all Flexirent customers are covered should their equipment be lost, stolen or accidentally damaged anywhere in Australia, New Zealand or overseas*. It will either be repaired or replaced.

(*Overseas cover limited to return trips of 28 days or less)


[3] Improved “Swap” option at end of term - Now customers can swap over to new equipment in the last 3 months of their agreement and their remaining payments will be waived. They simply return the equipment in good working order and take out a new agreement for equal or greater value.


[4] “Double Time” - A much better deal at the End of term - Customers who want to keep using their equipment after the end of the rental term can do so more easily. Just by making one additional payment at the end of the term (equal to a normal monthly payment), they will double the original rental period, with no more to pay. Plus, customers will also be covered for theft, loss and accidental damage and equipment loaner!

For example: On a 24 month term, make one more monthly payment at the end (25 payments in all) and keep using the gear for 48 months with “Equipment Loaner” and “Flexirent Protect “included.


[5] Free “PC Tracker” Software to help recover stolen computers

All computer customers will receive free PC Tracker software to help trace stolen computers and recover valuable files.

Once the stolen computer is logged onto the internet, it transmits the GPS location to Flexirent’s security service.